Collective Occupation of Residential Space

From Counter-cultural Practices to

Cluster Cohousing and Hall Cohousing in Zurich, Switzerland

New forms of housing are to be found in Switzerland. Cluster Cohousing and Hall Coliving are two examples from Zürich. Maryam Khatibi has studied them in-depth and also written about the historic development of cohousing and other alternative forms of living and housing in Central Europe.

Clusterbostad i Mehr als Wohnen i Zürich med 10 boende, åtta boenheter, gemensamt kök, matrum och allrum, arbetsplatser och tvättstuga, liksom två gemensamma terrasser. De boende har utvecklat egna sätt att sammarbeta och samutnyttja, sätt som dessutom förändras med tiden.

Her article has been translated to Swedish and published in Bo tillsammans nr 61.

The unabridged article in English can be found here:

About Author – Maryam Khatibi is an Architect and PhD candidate at department of Architecture and Urban Studies, DAStU, Politecnico di Milano in Italy. She has been the project leader of Collaborative Housing in Zurich (2020-21) supported by SEED funding ISCN, EPFL, Switzerland. She has been the co-author of Scales of Interiors: Parks, Garden, Objects (2019) and collaborates with developing tools for transdisciplinary, participatory process design and co-occupancy evaluations.