To build senior housing together – a handbook now in translation into English


A few years ago, a handbook titled  Bygga seniorboende tillsammans (Building senior housing together) was published in Sweden. It is a manual for groups who seek new ways to live together, and describes step by step how a group can carry their plans through to a positive result.

Furthermore, the handbook provides descriptions of how building entrepreneurs and local government may act to facilitator and support the groups’ work and intentions.  Finally, fourteen case studies of  projects initiated by groups since the turn of the century are presented as illustrations of the process.

With support from the EU-financed project called ’Co-elderly’, the two authors Ingela Blomberg och Kerstin Kärnekull have initiated a translation of the handbook to English. Translator is Mette Kjörstad, currently living in the cohousing unit Färdknäppen in Stockholm. The new edition should be available during 2019. Specific Swedish conditions are not included.